Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Let’s settle this like adults – it’ll be absolute Handemonium!!

You remember rock, paper, scissors. It’s a fast, easy game where anyone who plays has an ‘equal’ chance of winning. There’s no reason why YOU can’t become the next Canadian Heavyweight champion, and receive a prize package worth $2000.


At Handemonium, you will experience the excitement of a very fun, competitive environment while raising money for a great cause with CancerCare Manitoba! As well as the tourney, you can enjoy:

  • 20+ Free to Play “Minute to Win It” games sponsored by Winnipeg’s best bars & restaurants
  • Competing against your Weight Class (based on how much $ you raise)
  • Great Music, Food & Bevies (yes, beer!)
  • Over $4,000 in Prizes
  • FREE pizza from our friends at Panago

April Fool’s Day, 2015
7PM – 10PM
(Doors open at 6PM)
U of M, University Centre, MPR

$20 per person
This is an 18+ event.

Space is limited – register now!


The tournament is broken down into 3 ‘weight’ classes that have nothing to do with weight.

You qualify based on the donations you raise. People can pledge you, or your team. So it doesn’t matter if you’re 50lbs or 250lbs – you could still take home the Heavyweight title.


Lightweight Division

Participant’s total pledges are less than $50

  • Chance at becoming Lightweight Champion
  • Prize Package worth $250


Middleweight Division

Participant’s total pledges are between $51-$249

  • Chance at winning Middleweight Division
  • Prize Package worth $1000


Heavyweight Division

Participant’s total pledges are $250+

  • Chance at winning Heavyweight Division
  • Prize Package worth $2000
  • Chance at winning “Most Money Raised” (value: $500)
  • Chances of winning this division (& $2000!) in 2014 were 1 in 6!!


Mini-Tournaments & Minute to Win It Games

Knocked out early? No worries! We’ve got 20+ carnival style “Minute to Win It” games that will that entertain you endlessly and are free to play. These games are sponsored and operated by Winnipeg’s best bars & restaurants. Play 10 of the games and enter to win a $500 prize package!

There will also be mini-rock, paper, scissors tournaments where you can win all kinds of prizes so you really don’t feel like you’ve lost at all…

Wondering how TEAMS work at a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament? Here’s everything you should need to know.

  • All participants are still competing as individuals, but the total they raise counts towards the team total raised to win a prize package worth $500
  • It’s a great way to get your friends or coworkers or sports team together
  • To register a team, one person must first register as an individual, then pick “start a team” when the option is given. Once the team has been created, others can join by simply going to the registration page, click “search for a participant” and typing in the team name and clicking “join”.

Promote your team to your friends and get them to join. You can do this by:

Always on Four!!

Many people believe Rock, Paper, Scissors is won by the luck of the throw. However, there is skill to beating your opponent. It’s a game that’s part chess, part poker and part Fisticuffs–Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

Don’t believe us? Just practice using the following techniques and you’ll see your winning streak grow. Here’s a breakdown of how to breakdown your opponent.

In RPS circles, a common mantra is “Rock is for Rookies” because males have a tendency to lead with Rock on their opening throw.

Why? It has a lot to do with idea that Rock is perceived as “strong” and forceful”, so guys tend to fall back on it.

Use this knowledge to take an easy first win by playing Paper. This tactic is best done in pedestrian matches against someone who doesn’t play that much and generally won’t work in tournament play.

The second step in the ‘Rock is for Rookies’ line of thinking is to play Scissors as your opening move against a more experienced player. Since you know they won’t come out with Rock (since it is too obvious), scissors is your obvious safe move to win against paper or stalemate to itself.

When playing with someone who is not experienced at the RPS, look out for double runs or in other words, the same throw twice. When this happens you can safely eliminate that throw and guarantee yourself, at worst, a stalemate in the next game.

So, when you see a two-Scissor run, you know their next move will be Rock or Paper – so Paper is your best move.

Why does this work? People hate being predictable and the perceived hallmark of predictability is to come out with the same throw three times in row.

Tell your opponent what you are going to throw and then actually throw what you said.

Why? As long as you are not playing someone who actually thinks you are bold enough to telegraph your throw and then actually deliver it, you can eliminate the throw that beats the throw you are telegraphing.

So, if you announce Rock, your opponent won’t play Paper, which means coming out with Scissors will give you – at worst – a stalemate, and at best the win.

Don’t know what to do for your next throw? Try playing the throw that would have lost to your opponents last throw. Sounds weird, but it works more often than not.

Why? Inexperienced (or flustered) players will often subconsciously deliver the throw that beat their last one. Therefore, if your opponent played Paper, they will very often play Scissors, so you go Rock.

This is a good tactic in a stalemate situation or when your opponent lost their last game. It is not as successful after a player has won the last game as they are generally in a more confident state of mind which causes them to be more active in choosing their next throw.

When playing against someone who asks you to remind them about the rules, take the opportunity to subtly “suggest a throw” as you explain to them by physically showing them the throw you want them to play. (i.e. “Paper beats Rock, Rock beats scissors (show scissors), Scissors (show scissors again) beats paper.”)

Believe it or not, when people are not paying attention, their subconscious mind will often accept your “suggestion”. A very similar technique is used by magicians to get someone to take a specific card from the deck.

Haven’t a clue what to throw next? Then go with Paper.

Why? Statistically, in competition play, it has been observed that Scissors is thrown the least often. Specifically, it gets delivered 29.6% of the time, so it slightly under-indexes against the expected average of 33.33% by 3.73%.

Obviously, knowing this only gives you a slight advantage, but in a situation where you just don’t know what to do, even a slight edge is better than none at all.

Almost always a winning decision.

Sponsor us, won’t you?

This package outlines a special sponsorship level open to all bars and restaurants interested in competing for bragging rights as the handsiest establishment in town. If you want to show your industry peers who’s got the quicker hands, download this package and sign up your team today!

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We’re expecting to entertain up to 900 participants, and we’d love to have you there! We have put together some excellent sponsorship opportunities which give your company a truly unique “hands on” approach to interact with the public while supporting CancerCare Manitoba. The Handemonium Sponsorship Kit outlines the different levels of sponsorship available.

Download Corporate Sponsorship Kit

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100% of our net proceeds go to CancerCare Manitoba.

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer for both Canadian men and women. Yet CRC is a highly treatable cancer if it is detected early and it is up to 95 percent preventable with timely and thorough testing or “CRC screening”. Unfortunately as it stands today, nearly half of those diagnosed find out too late.

About CancerCare Manitoba

cancer-care-manitobaCancerCare Manitoba works to reduce the impact of cancer on all Manitobans. They provide treatment and support across the entire cancer service spectrum, and contribute to prevention and overall quality of life. They work closely with Manitoba’s regional health authorities, the University of Manitoba’s Department of Medicine and the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

CancerCare Manitoba is the provincially mandated cancer agency tasked with providing cancer services to the people of Manitoba. CCMB is responsible for providing care, treatment and support across the entire cancer service spectrum – from prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care, and palliation or end of life care.

With the valued support of stakeholders such as Manitoba Health, CCMB works and collaborates closely with partners to bring the best of cancer care to Manitobans. Our partners include Manitoba’s regional health authorities, the University of Manitoba’s Department of Medicine, Diagnostic Services Manitoba and volunteer funding agencies, in particular the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

CCMB has two tertiary locations in Winnipeg. Their main site is located on McDermot Avenue at the Health Sciences Centre campus. Their second is located at the St. Boniface Hospital. Through partnerships with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), CCMB specialists work in concert with colleagues at six sites in Winnipeg, including the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program and Radiosurgery Program at the Health Sciences Centre.

(Information from


Colon Cancer Facts

  • 423 Canadians, on average, are diagnosed with CRC every week.
  • 175 Canadians, on average, die of this disease every week.
  • One in 14 men is expected to develop CRC during his lifetime and one in 27 will die of it.
  • One in 15 women is expected to develop CRC during her lifetime and one in 31 will die of it.
  • Anyone 50 and up should be screened regardless of family history.

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